What is eMentor?

The eMentor program is LEAP’s computer-based online language and culture training provided in a virtual environment. All classes are live, follow a set schedule and are facilitated by a highly qualified, native speaking, language instructor (the eMentor) in a cohort of other LEAP participants within your language. You will use a computer, webcam, headset and internet connection to access your online classroom and participate in training.

The classroom platform is called the Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) and this is where you will access your virtual classroom, course materials and other supplemental resources important to the eMentor Online classes. Most classes will use a variety of materials that will be provided by the LEAP program office and by your instructor. Most of this material can be found in the CLE on your class homepage or in the resource library.

The CLE is provided and supported by PEC, Inc. PEC runs the Helpdesk for the eMentor classes and they will work with you to prepare you for class. Helpdesk is always online and available to provide technical training and support both in and out of class. You can contact the Helpdesk at any time to request technical support and training, and you will always find Helpdesk staff available in your classroom to provide real-time support as your class is taking place.

Benefits of eMentor

The CLE enables all of the usual instructions functionalities associated with a traditional brick and mortar classroom:

  • Face to Face interaction between students and instructors
  • Presentation features to review class materials and do exercises in class
  • Access to supplemental materials
  • Homeroom tools that track grades, assignments, attendance and more

Additionally, the CLE provides added benefits that are not available in a traditional classroom:

  • Greater flexibility in setting class schedules
  • Instant access to online content
  • Class participation regardless of location for both students and instructors (sufficient bandwidth necessary)
  • Increased access to native speaking language instructors

System Recommendations

Standard eMentor Courses

The following baseline Internet and computer specifications are recommended to participate in eMentor courses.

Baseline Internet Access
  • 1.5 Mbps downstream speed (3 Mbps ideal)
  • .25 Mbps upstream speed (.375 Mbps ideal)
  • Wired-in (Ethernet) connection
Baseline Computer
  • Windows: Vista or newer
  • Mac OS X: 10.8 or newer
  • 2GB RAM
  • Use of webcam
  • Use of headset with boom mic highly recommended*

Special Project Class - Final Presentation

For students participating in Special Project Classes, there are technical requirements that must be met for the final presentation. These requirements are:

Baseline Internet Access
  • 3 Mbps downstream speed
  • .375 Mbps upstream speed
  • Wired-in (Ethernet) connection
  • In case of new location, the internet must be tested in advance
Baseline Computer
  • Windows: Vista or newer required, Windows 7 or newer recommended
  • Mac OS X: 10.8 or newer
  • 2GB RAM
  • Use of webcam
  • Use of headset with boom microphone (USB headset with attached boom mic is recommended)

Would you like to see if your system qualifies? Run a quick system check!

System Check


"Thank you all for your outstanding support and professionalism. This program is top notch and my Ukrainian scores certainly show it."September, 2012
311th Training Squadron

"I'm very happy with the instruction [the instructor] has been given me. I went from a 0+/0+ to a 2+/2 in about six months thanks to [the instructor]."September, 2012
Lt Col, USAF
4th Space Operations Squadron

"Thank you for your help in continually providing the best online language learning around."September, 2012
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